Música Naranja

Música naranja (orange music)

Orange music is a duo composed by Martin Virgili (researcher, composer and guitarist) and Pamela Guruciaga (theoretical physicist), interested mainly in the exploration of new forms of artistic creation from the interaction of body, sound, space and scene.

Its repertoire includes vocal works of sound and experimental poetry, contemporary and avant-garde music, theater and musical theater, which articulate with works of its own that are rooted in the performance and exploratory tradition of body, music and word.

Formed in 2012, it has performed in @ptt (Ginevra); Antic Forn de Vallcarca, (Barcelona); Rhizome (Washington); Las Fajitas (Nashville); Rotgers (New Jersey); Casa del popolo (Montreal); Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Mar del Plata; Centro Cultural Victoria Ocampo; en Club del Teatro (Mar del Plata); Salón de los Representantes; sala Negra40 y Espacio 6 piso (Buenos Aires – Argentina).

It has worked in collaboration with artists Jacques Demierre, Vincent Barras, Guillermo Bocanegra, Beatriz Elena Martínez, Mariano Losi, Gastón Maziéres, Jorge Ihlenfeld, LASO Ensemble, Negra40 Ensemble, Wonderland! Ensemble, the Drawing Club’s Unstable Orchestra, among other groups.

In 2012 he received the commission for a vocal piece by the Victoria Ocampo Cultural Center and in 2016 he premiered ha ha ha ha ha, nee nee nee nee nee (1968) by Joseph Beuys.

Concert programs

Vision – esoteric recitations
Sound poetry and action poetry


Diagonal Vigo (2016) Martín Virgili.
Presentación en Buenos Aires. Junto al Ensamble Negra40

Música Radiofónica (2016)
Obras de Samuel Beckett. Junto a Jorge Ihlenfeld

Diagonal Vigo (2016) Martín Virgili
Presentación en Mar del Plata. Junto al Ensamble Negra40

Acto (2015) de Martín Virgili
Junto a la Orquesta Inestable del Club del Dibujo

Música Naranja en Barcelona (2015)
Presentación en Barcelona

Música Naranja en Mar del Plata (2015)
Presentación en Mar del Plata

Junto al Ensamble Wonderland (2014)
Presentación en Mar del Plata

Música Naranja en @ptt (2014)
Presentación en Ginevra sala @ptt


Visiones (2016) Martín Virgili
Hiperventilación (2017) Martín Virgili
Q (2014) Martín Virgili
Chile (2011) Martín Virgili
Water Music (1952) John Cage
Vi tu cara, y sentí vertigo y lloré (2011) Rodolfo Acosta
ja ja ja ja ja , nee nee nee nee nee (1968) Joseph Beuys
Voicepiece (1967) Christopoher Hobbs
School time Special (1968) Cornelius Cardew
Lavoro (1965) Giuseppe Chiari
Distance for piano (1965) Takehisa Kosugi
South N2 (1965) Takehisa Kosugi
Memories of you (1966) Cornelius Cardew
Anima 7 (1964) Takehisa Kosugi
Incidental music (1961) George Brecht
Pieza de conversación (1962) Yoko Ono
Pieza de conversación (1963) Yoko Ono

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