Martín Virgili

Buenos Aires, 1976.

Bachelor of Arts – music orientation (UBA), Master in Sound Art (Barcelona University) and Professor in Higher Education (UTN). Composer, guitarist, performer, teacher and researcher in the arts. He was awarded scholarships by the Université de Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne), the University of Helsinki, the National Fund for the Arts, the Telefónica Foundation of Argentina, Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires and Museum of Contemporary Art MAR. It was selected for BIENALSUR 2021.

His works fall within the scope of musical composition, Land art, sound poetry, sound experimentalism, literature and cinema. They have been performed in Argentina, Chile, Finland, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland and the United States, and premiered by prominent ensembles and soloists: CG (Colombia), Stéphane-Pécas (Canada), Demierre & Barras (Switzerland), Ensemble Alere (Colombia), LASO (Argentina), Ensemble Negra40 (Argentina), Black Orchestra (Colombia – Argentina) and Unstable Orchestra of the Drawing Club (Argentina). Among the soloists are: Margarita Fernández, Guillermo Bocanegra, Daniel Añez, Emilie Girard-Charest, Beatriz Elena Martínez, Pablo Jivotovschii, Mariano Malamud, Inés Sabatini, Mariano Losi, Jacques Demierre, Daniel Forero.

He taught courses and seminars on musical aesthetics, composition and new forms of sound interpretation at: Duke University (North Carolina, USA); the Javeriana University, CORPAS University and the Superior Academy of Arts (Bogotá, Colombia); in ESMUC – Superior School of Music – (Barcelona, Spain); CNA – National Center of the Arts – and CMMAS – Mexican Center for Music and Sound Arts – (Mexico). In Argentina, he was director and lecturer at Advanced Studies in Contemporary Music (CEAMC).

He currently directs the Art and Science Center (CEAC) of the UTN (National Technological University) – Mar del Plata. He is a lecturer at the Arts Doctorate programme at the National University of the Arts, in collaboration with researchers Alicia Romero and Marcelo Giménez. He has been a teacher of the Master’s Degree in Gender Studies at the National University of Luján.

She is a member of the Norwegian Artists Commission (CAN), the “Ensemble Negra40” and the “duo Música Naranja” with Pamela Guruciaga. And he is a founding member of the interdisciplinary collective Negra40.

He lives and works in Heidelberg, Germany and Mar del Plata, Argentina.


Emotional representation of the unique work “San Antonino” in the Port
32 cars, 32 sonatas: the MAR museum returned to activity with a tribute to Beethoven
Virgili emulated with Beethoven, the natural urban sound of the Mar del Plata coast
Beethoven will sound, from cars located on the perimeter of the MAR Museum
32 Beethoven sonatas in 32 cars, the new experience of the MAR Museum
The MAR Museum will present “Beethoven250”: 32 sonatas in 32 cars
Luxury, meteorites, a bell and prehistoric fauna: stories from Los Cliffs