Arbolatum music

Arbolatum music (2019)
music for a forest

Arbolatum music is a project by Mariano Losi and Martín Virgili, commissioned by Negra40 for the INTENSIVE in sound experimentalism Negra40, (Buenos Aires – Mar del Plata 7 – 10 November 2019). The piece was composed to be performed in a forest by an indeterminate number of present and absent performers.

For more information on the project see here

In 2018, the artists attempted to carry out the action in the middle of a laurel and poplar forest, facilitated by Mar del Plata architect Guillermo de Diego. The weather did not allow the action, initially planned for the visit of the Canadian cellist and composer Émilie Girard-Charest to Mar del Plata, to take place. Already in 2019, Negra40, together with the Fondo Nacional de las Artes, the Fondation Père-Lindsay and the CEAC (Centro de Arte y Ciencia) of the UTN, articulated, once again, the arrival of the artist to try to realize on Saturday, November 9, the still unreleased music for a forest.

On Saturday, November 9, it did not rain and we were able to premiere the piece.
Registration: Horacio Volpato @horaciovolpato

Present participations
Guido Bressan, Guillermo De Diego, Lucía Drocchi, Daniel Fuertes, Émilie Girard-Charest, Mario Gemin, Jorge Ihlenfeld, Mariano Losi, Yamandú Rodríguez y Martín Virgili

Missing participations
Rodolfo Acosta, Sebastián Bauer, Josep Manuel Berenguer, Guillermo Bocanegra, Pablo Jivotovschii,Camila Juárez, Daniel Leguizamón, Laura Novoa, Julián Teubal, Ana Ruíz Valencia, Melissa Vargas y Mene Savasta