west – day 2

west – day 2
Yamandú Rodríguez, Adriana Sasali y Martín Virgili

Mar del Plata May – July 2021

Project about time, sound, emerging communities and musical improvisation.

Music and soundn
Yamandú Rodríguez, Adriana Sasali y Martín Virgili

Camera and edition
Maximiliano Gutiérrez

LASO y Negra40


“west – Day 2” is the second part of an audiovisual diptych focused on listening and on the sensitive processes that are played out in musical improvisation.

Day 2 takes place in the studios of the residence “Vuestra Merced” in the city of Mar del Plata. This part of the project is about a sound experimentation and improvisation based on the affective registers and the resonances of the previous day uniting the listening cycle with that of the interpretation. The project as a whole tells us about a “philosophy of recording oriented to expression”, a small methodology to allow oneself to be shaped by sound and to pour out the intensities of its strength into musical improvisation.


A day like a sound? A sound like life? Both and more. Every day and every life counts, and every sound also. For centuries sounds — and domesticated music — were worth as little as a few lives, as a few days. They were not worth being heard as they were not worth saving. Now things seem to take another course, the course of listening and that of the community, in which both do matter. Listening and community are thus terms that overlap like an echo, and on which we can rely. They are serene signs that we have rescued precisely from days and life and that now return with the force of the sky and the sea even to evoke deeper presences. Where are they? What are their coordinates?

Towards the west, that is, towards the future.

In the west there is still silence in its purest form. It can appear between a rock, a slippery drop, in a pause of wind and birds. You just have to follow the sunset. We must go towards that last light in which silence becomes a refuge and the sound of an embrace. Because sound is not just sound. Heard from afar, it indicates a behavior, a policy, and perhaps a way of loving.

You just have to follow the sunset.