Visions of Barcelona

Visions of Barcelona
Sound mapping

The cartography presented here arises from the visions of two tarot readers of the city. Both were challenged by the same questions: What hidden route does the city hold for me? In what coordinates is hidden something to hear, something to see, that is not inscribed on any map, only in what you see that in myself may be a map?

The project was carried out within the framework of the Master in Sound Art at the University of Barcelona. It consisted of composing a sound cartography of a “hidden” Barcelona, and linking it to an audio. It was published in the magazine Sobre, of the University of Granada. You can see here

The places pointed out by the tarotists were:

1 – Carrer de Joaquín Costa
2 – Banco de España
3 – Ronda de Sant Pau
4 – Cementerio de Montjuïc
5 – Desaparición de Valldemossa
6 – Antigua pensión Lolita

Special collaboration for the mapping: Guido Bressan

Download MAP 1 in PDF
Download MAP 1 in PDF
Listen to audio over the map