Plain song – north

Plain song – north
Acantilados, Mar del Plata, Argentina (2021)

Fourth seeded guitar, north orientation.
Sunday, April 18, 2021.
A Pamela Guruciaga.

Sobre el proyecto
Canto Llano is a ceremonial-sound action installed on the earth’s crust. It consists of planting a tree inside the mouth of a buried guitar. The sound installation begins with a ritual action that initiates the cycle of tree growth and guitar decomposition.

A guitar is the culmination of a handcrafted design carried out for centuries by different artisans and sound artists. It is a developing knowledge originating from a tree and its material, wood. Canto Llano presents the link between the beginning of this process and its culmination, as well as offering a poetic alliance between the development of biology and the growth in time of a work of art.

What can we learn from sound if we move a little beyond aesthetics and acoustics? What can listening teach us when we try to hear the great cycles of heaven, of the cosmos that saw us born, will see us die, and that will surely die too? What lessons does matter teach us with its rhythms, its frailties, its hardness, its ancient and future laws? Canto Llano is an open-air sound installation that feeds on these questions, on that beyond the sounds that occurs when we remain still and silent in the face of simplicity that nevertheless summons us. This installation, together with the accompanying ceremony, finally seeks the close: to remind us of our relative position in the changing universe.

The first guitar, oriented east, was planted in the city of Casilda, Argentina, on October 12, 2017.

The second guitar, facing south, was seeded in the city of Nesodden, Norway, on June 5, 2018.

The third guitar, oste orientation, was planted in the city of Lausanne arrêt Blécherette, Switzerland, on August 10.

They participated in Plain Song, Acantilados
Candela Chirino
Sebastián Flores
Sofía Fortunato
Mario Gemin
Diana León
Mariano Losi
Leonardo Salvini

Guitar, y fumo bravo

Mario Gemin y Mariano Losi

Canto Llano (North) - Mar del Plata, Argentina