Oracle Garden

Oracle Garden (2023)
territorial performance

Gardening Ecofeminisms Festival Kafkárna. Prague, Czech Rep .

Oracle Garden (El oráculo del jardín) is a work within the project Finding ways to the Oracle Garden, a performance together with members of CAN (Concerned artist of Norway). It is an oracle made up of 42 cards to be interpreted in a forest.

About the project

With what thoughts do we think about our territories, ecosystems, and the spaces we inhabit? How can we discover new ways to coexist with the diverse sentient forms that surround us and with which we share our planet?

OG is an attempt to approach a garden, or perhaps a forest, or perhaps all forests, recognizing in them the practices of wisdom that we assume for humans: philosophy, art, science, and ancestral traditions.

OG is a territorial performance, but it is also a protocol to immerse ourselves in the power of the life that surrounds us and to gather a message of our sincere connection with nature.

OG is a work of art. It is not a model of spiritualized prediction. However, this work requires a lot of individual and collective energy to unfold. Much love. Much responsibility. And it is precisely in this deployment of strength that new meanings may be discovered, like those indicated by oracles in the past.

And something more.

In his beautiful book “Spiders in Motion, Rainy Commotion,” Tomás Saraceno tells us that “Today, 5% of the world’s population protects and maintains 80% of its biodiversity through the knowledge, practices, and relationships they foster. For millennia, humans have looked to the clouds and the behaviors of plants and animals to predict collective futures, finding messages hidden in their changing shapes and habits.”

OG is a project for that 5% to become a higher figure over time. And for this, I believe, we must seek new ways to speak about the living and the environment. An art of the earth.

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