Nada en especial

Nothing special

Nothing in particular is a sound walk carried out on the occasion of the IV Sessions: Negra40 and Drawing Club, “Lo simple”, December 13 and 14, 2019. Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Participants: Guido Bressan, Guillermo de Diego, Mario Gemín, Jorge Ihlenfeld, Franco Palacios y Martín Virgili

The action consisted of joining through a walk the National Technological University Mar del Plata Regional College, located in the port of the city, with the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAR), located 10 kilometers from the starting institution.

Before leaving Mario Gemín read the following story:

A muddy road

Tanzan and Ekido walked together on a muddy path. It rained persistently. As they rounded a corner, they came face to face with a beautiful young woman dressed in a silk kimono, who did not dare to cross the road for fear of getting stained.

“Come here girl,” said Tanzan; and, taking her in his arms, he passed her cleanly across the mud. Ekido didn’t say a word. As night fell, the two friends found lodging in a monastery. Then Ekido couldn’t hold back anymore. “We monks are supposed to stay away from women,” he chided Tanzan, “especially if they are young and pretty. Failure to do so is dangerous. How could you carry that girl in your arms?

“I left the girl on the road,” Tanzan replied. “Are you still wearing it?”


During the tour we were noticing the different sound territories of the local coast, also united by a remarkable dynamic arc that ranged from the murmur of cars and people in a port silenced on Sunday, to the rumbling of engines and musical swarms already installed in the coastal walk bordering the Museum.

Upon arrival, the participant-walkers, we entered the museum stage, gathered in a circle and re-read the Zen text.

We were happy.