The fall of Marcelina

The fall of Marcelina de Ciriza

Song to a sunken ship and
Stage concert for clarinet and ensemble zurupangas

Selected by the National Endowment for the Arts (FNA) 2021

Sebastián Flores
Martín Virgili

Constitution Beach
Museo MAR
Mar del Plata – 2021

Project selected by the National Endowment for the Arts.

The musical “The Fall of Marcelina de Ciriza” premieres at the MAR Museum
The stage concert “The Fall of Marcelina de Ciriza” arrives at the MAR Museum

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In 1991, the ship Marcelina de Ciriza sailed 15 kilometers from the Port of Mar del Plata to the beaches of Constitución without a crew. The initiatory popular legend maintains that only a dog and ghosts were on board. Thirty years after the tragedy – and the shocking storm that apparently unleashed the dark departure of the boat – the story lives on in the Mar del Plata imagination, bearing a sonorous and narrative countenance that gives rise to the present an action on the beach to remember the shipwreck and stage concert for clarinet and zurupangas ensemble.

Macro-formally speaking, the concert is divided into two large areas: one inside and one outside the room. The first is located on the beach that frames the MAR Museum, a critical point where Marcelina de Ciriza lies. From there, the soloist and the composer will go down on a surfboard, traveling and remembering the final position of the boat. The second part, already in the room and together with an ensemble formed especially for the premiere, we will reconstruct sonically and musically, the epic of that fantastic collapse.

Musical parts
The beginning of the wind
The Marcelina theme
The perfect Storm
Sail through the shadows
The Secret Report
Tribute to Rachmaninoff
Dialogue of a dog and a whale
The swallowed cathedral

Martín Virgili

Solo clarinet
Sebastián Flores

Clarinet Sib
Luciana Savoy

Juan Carlos Carotenuto

Sofía Fortunato

Candela Chirino

Vanesa Gumiero

Sofía Fortunato
Agustina Suero
Carolina D’Alessandro
Eugenia De la Cruz Arbizu
Ignacio Pomponio
María Inés Flores García
Sol Alonso