“How does a guitar leave?”

“How does a guitar leave?”
sound documentary

“How does a guitar leave?” is a sound documentary that records a series of encounters around a guitar during the course of a week, in Avinyó (Catalonia, Spain). The audio summarizes different recordings of songs and improvisations in which the guitar is always the center of the sound and the excuse to discover an intelligent, peaceful and musical community. Each encounter had the semblance of a farewell, that of the guitar, and perhaps of other things that we will never know.

At the end of this period, the guitar is planted in a ceremonial action called “Canto Llano”.

This project was realized in the framework of the residency “Art and territory”: Cal Gras. A pearl in the mountain. For more information: calgras.cat/ . + info in: calgras.cat/


Eva Quintana
Quim Moya
Santi Careta
Alba Careta
Adrià Serrano
Ignasi Vilarasau
Olga Molina
Marc Noblom
Rusky Corominas
Dolors Arnaus
Josep Ma Capellas
Manuel Sanz

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