Apocalipsis Monserrate

Apocalipsis Monserrate (2023)
Acción musical

To the mountains

Apocalipsis Monserrate is a musical-sound action that I composed to be performed from the top of the Cerro de Monserrate, located in the centre of the city of Bogotá. The work was not composed to be heard by a human audience, but rather to be enjoyed by the mountains. The action aims to reflect on what has been our relationship with the mountains (of plunder, exaction, inspiration, etc.) as well as to start an imaginary dialogue with them. However, on the Cerro de Monserrate there is a company that controls the cable cars to climb to the top: it is a private space that also responds to private and religious interests. The documentary tells how, despite their refusal to hold the concert, we were able to carry out the action in the Quintana Building, a few metres from the city’s Plaza Bolivar.

Project and composition
Martín Virgili

Rodolfo Acosta

Alejandra Quintana
Guillermo Bocanegra

Guillermo Bocanegra
Daniel Andrés Forero Pulido
Alejandra Quintana
Paula Daniela Bogotá
Juan Camilo Vásquez Ocampo
Melissa Vargas
Camila Giraldo
Rafael Llanos
Germán David Molano Rojas
Nathalia María Beltrán
Camilo castro
Valeria Palomino
Angel Brand
Alixon Daniela Neira Romero
Daniela Sánchez Rubiano
David Santiago Correa Vargas
Luis Felipe Gómez Muñoz
Martín Virgili
Ema Perez Quintana

Sylvia Gómez
Santiago Botia
Carolina Villegas

The action was carried out in the Edificio Quintana, in the city of Bogotá on February 24, 2023.

Negra 40
10 años


The 2023 season of Negra40 kicks off with a sound-musical action in downtown Bogota, in the Quintana Building.

The work was originally composed to be performed from the Cerro de Monserrate to the city, being the Plaza de los Periodistas the preferred listening point. Monserrate is a private space that responds to private and religious interests. Under this position, an action directed towards the mountains was rejected and prompted us to reorganize the project, which is the one we will present on Friday, February 24 at 6:30 pm at the intersections of Carrera 7 and Calle 12, in downtown Bogota.