To finish with the armchairs (2020)

Para terminar con los sillones (2020)
Acción sonora para el espacio público en ocasión al 250 aniversario del nacimiento de L. V. Beethoven

Martín Virgili
Bariloche 2020

To Rodolfo Acosta R.
and his half century of life

Commissioned by the MAR Museum, the action consists of arranging 32 cars parked at an equidistant distance, on the four streets that make up the perimeter of a block: in this case, those that border the MAR Museum. With the doors open, a sonata from the L. V. Beethoven catalog will be played in each car. The car located in position 1 will play sonata No. 1, and so on until reaching 32 positions.

The public will be able to visit the 32 sonatas as they walk through the streets that surround the Museum. It is a chronological journey through the most significant musical corpus of Beethoven’s work, but the action also invites us to link the architecture of the building, the contingent sounds of the public space and the piano sonatas in the journey.

Download sheet music in PDF