Orquesta negra (Black orchestra)

Experimental music ensemble

Guillermo Bocanegra (Bogotá – Colombia)
Gastón Mazières (Buenos Aires – Argentina)
Martín Virgili (Mar del Plata – Argentina)

Formed in 2012, they have performed concerts in Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Durham and Mar del Plata.
His work focuses on sound-dramatic works that use the dramatic gesture, the word and music for guitar.

The three artists that make up the trio live in different cities in Latin America (Bogotá and Mar del Plata) and the USA: they start from distance as a positive device for creation.

Moltovivace (2010). Xavier Pastoius
ABC in sound (1964). Bob Cobbing

Hacia dónde vamos y qué estamos haciendo (2015) Mar del Plata – Argentina
Música de Toilette (2014) Buenos Aires – Argentina
Molto Vivace (2014) Mar del Plata – Argentina
Victoria Experimental (2013) Mar del Plata – Argentina
Llorar (2013) Bogotá – Colombia
Orquesta negra (2013) Durham – USA

Llorar (2009). Gastón Mazières y Martín Virgili
Las armas del credo (2011). Guillermo Lema
Reír (2012). Martín Virgili
Tanizaki (2011). Martín Virgili
Vocal-a (2013). Martín Virgili
Talca (2010). Martín Virgili

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