Ensamble Negra40

Negra40 Ensamble began its direction and purpose at the end of 2014, with the visit of the composer Rodolfo Acosta, from Bogota, as a creative resident. The exchange work concludes with the presentation (in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata) of “Ludus australis” by the Colombian musician. Since then, the Ensemble has been active, adding repertoire based on the work of its members and adding new creators to propose works that we can carry out.

We especially value projects in collaboration with other artists, creators and researchers, such as the designer America Sanchez (Barcelona), the Saratoga trio (Buenos Aires), the cellist Émilie Girard-Charest (Canada), the flutist Joan Izquierdo (Barcelona), the physicist Rodolfo Borzi (La Plata), among other humanists.

The Ensemble has received support from the Secretaries of Culture of the Argentine Nation and Colombia.

The Ensemble formation is open with members in different cities and diferent kind of disciplines:
Sebastián Bauer (música – Buenos Aires)
Guillermo Bocanegra (música – Bogotá)
Mario Gemin (recitación, diseño – Mar del Plata)
Pamela Guruciaga (recitación, acción – Bariloche)
Jorge Ihlenfeld (recitación, acción, diseño web – Mar del Plata)
Mariano Losi (música, dibujo – Buenos Aires)
Gastón Mazieres (músicas, teatro – Buenos Aires)
Martín Virgili (música, acción – Mar del Plata)

Ludus australis (2014) Buenos Aires
Ludus australis (2014) Mar del Plata
Inmerso (2015). Buenos Aires
Tapage Nocturno (2015) Mar del Plata
Tapage Nocturno (2015) Buenos Aires
C.E.N.A. (2016) Buenos Aires
Diagonal Vigo (2016) Buenos Aires
Diagonal Vigo (2016) Mar del Plata

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